Paige VanZant Goes To Beach After Loss In Photo

Paige VanZant was still seen smiling and soaking up even after her most recent loss to Rachael Ostovich which Rachael also soaked up her win. In the photo that was posted to VanZant’s Instagram story, she is seen with her husband as the two wear matching banana hats as both smile at the camera. Paige VanZant ‘Gown’ Photo Revealed After Hacking.



Paige also took to Instagram flipping up the camera as she stated: “Guess what b*****s???!! I’m still smiling!!! My story is full of setbacks, road blocks and detours. But, it is also filled with major comebacks, peace in my soul and a grace that saved my life. I promise you this, I would endure this pain everyday of my life over the pain of regret. I am going to keep chasing my dream one step at a time. 99.9% of the people on earth would not dare do what I do. This story will be even better then my first. And if you haven’t read my book before click the link in my bio. That is real pain. This is just a bad chapter. And to anyone out there struggling. Pain is only for a moment. The world may be dark and love to hate on you, but darkness does not drive out darkness only light can do that. So DO NOT STOP SHINING!!!!”

A powerful message indeed to those that need to hear it most when they feel beaten and broken down even in their everyday life.

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