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Is Paige on her way back to WWE soon?

Paige might be headed back to WWE sooner than later and people can’t wait to see her. There was some concern she might not be returning after all the controversy¬†she’s been involved in. But on Monday she sent out social media messages letting everyone know she was at the WWE Performance Center.

Now WWE is listing Paige as a free agent on their website leaving many to wonder what’s next for the Anti-Diva

“They’ve already sent Asuka to Raw so I wouldn’t be surprised if Paige goes to SmackDown,” Bryan Alvarez said while discussing Paige during Wrestling Observer Live. “Here’s what I know. She was down there obviously based on her Instagram and they were evaluating her neck and so the fact that there is a story here on about her apparent imminent return, my guess is her neck checked out just fine and she’s going to be back before you know it.”

“And I guess maybe she is going to SmackDown if Asuka’s going to Raw. Or they just don’t remember where she was and it doesn’t matter since she wasn’t drafted in the Superstar Shake-Up. They have just announced she’s a free agent and they’ll figure out where she goes from here. So I guess Paige will be coming back sometime soon.”

Quotes thanks to Wrestling Observer Live and for the transcription

  • MrDr3w

    …I think.

  • MrDr3w

    She’s on SmackDown, because she and ADR were separated in the draft and ADR ended up on RAW.