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Paige’s tweet ignites rumors about her returning to WWE this week


We noted before how Paige returned to WWE Performance Center and after a while, it was reported that she was already cleared by the doctors and was working to get back into the ring shape.

Since then we have heard numerous rumors about when or where the WWE Star could make her return and a new tweet from the former Diva’s Champion has started speculations that she could be returning as soon as this week.

Paige made a tweet recently indicating that she is taking a flight to somewhere. However in the tweet, as seen below the Diva didn’t reveal where she was headed:

It’s worth mentioning here that in a recent interview Alberto El Patron had claimed that Paige was ‘days away’ from making her return to the company.

While her latest tweet doesn’t necessarily mean that she will be returning to anytime soon, it hasn’t stopped people from speculating about her status. Though we should wait and watch how true these rumors turn out to be.

  • CC

    There are a million reasons she could be going on a flight, so why does it automatically make some people thing its because she is coming back right now?
    Hell, she has just set up her Glampire business, so maybe its connected to that.

    It could be that she is coming back, but it could be that she is flying to some south American country to become a drug mule for all we know.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Maybe she’ll be a surprise member of women’s team Raw at Survivor Series…

  • oppa

    Or maybe she’s going to see her family

  • MrDr3w

    They’re in England this week, so it could happen…