Pat McAfee Throws Up In Trash Can At Football Game

Viewers of ESPN’s College GameDay were in for an unexpected and colorful spectacle as cohost Pat McAfee experienced a bout of illness during the live broadcast. McAfee’s complexion actually turned green as he grappled with food poisoning, resulting in a rather unusual moment on the show.



The revelation of McAfee’s off-camera vomiting came to light thanks to his fellow cohost, Kirk Herbstreit, who shared the surprising incident with the audience following a commercial break. Herbstreit recounted the event, stating,

“If you would have seen what I just saw… Can I say what happened? He hadn’t been feeling well all morning… and vomit just flew.” Herbstreit also humorously recounted how he looked over his shoulder, searching for the absent McAfee, and quipped, “Where’s Pat?”

McAfee himself added a touch of humor to the situation, suggesting that his stomach upset might have been triggered by a poorly executed field goal attempt.

The unexpected turn of events added an unusual and memorable moment to the live broadcast, surprising and entertaining viewers as they tuned in to College GameDay. McAfee’s greenish appearance and off-camera bout of illness provided a lighthearted and unexpected twist to the show, leaving fans both amused and concerned for his well-being. Food poisoning, it seems, can strike even the most high-profile of hosts during live television broadcasts.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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