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Paul Ellering comments on the Authors of Pain leaving him behind

  • M

    Will I’m glad they dropped that no speaking English bs.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I think once HHH has full control the guys from NXT coming to the main roster will be better. Vince Mac just don’t know how to use some of these new stars were HHH will let them be themselves.

  • CC

    To be honest I get why WWE removed him, I just think it is too soon. How many times have we seen talent and/or gimmicks go over huge on NXT and totally flop on the main roster? Just because it works in NXT does not mean it will work in WWE.
    By that means I think they should have at least given Ellering a couple of weeks or months on the main roster before they ditched him, as basically they are now leaving two guys to their own devices on the main roster who have had Ellering helping them get over for ages. There is a reason why some wrestlers have managers (Brock Lesnar for instance), as without them they will either flounder or be very one dimensional.

    Hopefully for their sake they can stand on their own feet on the main roster.