Paul Heyman Comments on CM Punk, News on Punk’s Shirt from MITB

– During tonight’s WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view, Paul Heyman finally spoke on CM Punk and his RAW promo from a few weeks back. Heyman wrote:



“It’s been 20 days since @CMPunk turned the wrestling world and WWE Universe completely upside down w/ his performance. It’s not what @CMPunk said, it’s the realism with which his promo was delivered. HE felt it. So did millions of fans, too. @CMPunk is not the voice of the voiceless, he’s the voice of today’s generation! @CMPunk is cool and bad ass, yet he’s a man of principle. He translates to grownups and kids alike. I’M A @CMPunk GUY!”

– The t-shirt that CM Punk had on at tonight’s pay-per-view was sold at the merchandise stands and according to fans, it said “the Best in the World” and had the July 17th, 2011 date on it and words about Chicago. The shirt was reportedly sold out minutes after the pay-per-view hit the air.

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