Paul Heyman Hints At Royal Rumble Surprise Return

Paul Heyman hinted at a returning superstar or NXT wrestler potentially winning the Royal Rumble 2021 match on Sunday to challenge WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 37. Wrestling-Edge transcribed Heyman’s remarks to Dayton 24/7 Now. WWE just hinted at two big MMA and WWE names being at the Royal Rumble.



“It’s not just people on Smackdown, I have my eye on people on Raw, and even someone who may appear out of nowhere, whether it be from NXT or elsewhere. The Royal Rumble is full of surprises, you never know what’s going to happen, and who is going to be there.

So I have my best spies and conspiracy theorists working 24/7/365 trying to figure out who will be Roman Reigns’ opponent at WrestleMania.”

Heyman added that if Jey Uso wins the Royal Rumble, he will challenge the winner of Drew McIntyre vs. Goldberg for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, so ‘The Head of the Table’ can be the champion on Smackdown while Uso can rule Raw.

CM Punk recently shared a surprising Royal Rumble photo. Roman Reigns and Heyman did a joint live via satellite interview with Kevin Owens Friday night on Smackdown, with Reigns insulting Owens’ family, taking shots at not only Owens’ father, but his grandfather.

Owens hit back calling ‘The Tribal Chief’ a wannabe mafia boss. Reigns also compared himself to a King on a chess board, while saying Owens is merely a pawn. At the end of the segment, Reigns turned off his television, with his live feed cutting out.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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