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Paul Heyman pushing for Brock Lesnar to drop the Universal Title

Brock Lesnar has a pretty big chance at SummerSlam to show what he can do. The Beast Incarnate is set up in a fatal four-way match to defend the Universal Title against Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, and Roman Reigns. Paul Heyman said on Raw if Brock drops the title at The Biggest Party Of The Summer, then he is leaving WWE. A few UFC references were made and Heyman even said “ultimate” on purpose when he could have chosen different wording.

But a new report from¬†Sports Illustrated¬†says Brock Lesnar’s own advocate is pushing for him to drop the belt at SummerSlam. Therefore one could draw a conclusion Paul wants to see Brock Lesnar leave WWE, at least in the story line.

The article reports Heyman wants The Beast Incarnate to drop his Universal Championship to Samoa Joe in Brooklyn. It wouldn’t be a bad move considering how well Brock and Joe’s recent program turned out. They did a great job working the recent house show in Detroit which happened to be the last ticketed event at the Joe Louis Arena. At one point during their match in Detroit’s famous arena, it even looked like The Samoan Submission Machine had Brock Lesnar ready to submit (or pass out) to the Coquina Clutch only to have Lesnar’s foot barely snag the bottom rope to break the hold.

Of course, Brock Lesnar won their bout in Detriot but if Paul Heyman has his way people will be telling a much different story when SummerSlam has concluded.

If Brock does drop the title to Joe, then it would give him some time off in order to prepare for his rumored fight with Jon Jones, whenever that might be. Then again, Vince McMahon could always change his mind at the last second and give the strap to Roman Reigns or just keep it right where it is on the current part-time champion.

Only time will tell on this one, but if you’re of the thinking Paul Heyman might turn on Lesnar and side with Joe at SummerSlam this might give you, even more, ammunition for your argument.


  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Strowman is almost a face he will be the people pick to win the match. But for me it anybody but Brock Lasner to win the match. Even boring Roman Regins as champion would be fine. Because at least the title is on Raw every week.

  • CC

    There are only two people who should be considered to win that match, and that is Joe and Strowman.
    I cannot believe I am saying that about Strowman as I hated him when he came in, due to how bad he was, but I cannot believe how much he has improved in a short time, and think he actually deserves it.
    As a big guy he could easily have coasted thinking that Vince will push him regardless, but he has actually pushed himself to make himself worthy of his push.

    Nobody but the kids and soccer mums want Reigns to win, and everyone is sick of Brock not actually defending his title (even Lesnar fans), so either of the other two would be acceptable.
    The most interesting thing though is that there is no actual baby face in the match (yes, Reigns is supposed to be, but with most people hating him and his promos not being very face orientated, he is not a face)