Paul Heyman Reacts To Andrade WWE Booking

Paul Heyman is known for a lot of things. Some things are good, some things are bad, but all things about Paul Heyman are things that I’m sure Paul relishes in. One thing is for sure, Paul is good at what he does. No, Paul is great at what he does and that’s make a character loved or hated. Paul Heyman Reacts To ‘Nasty’ Brock Lesnar Rumor.



In a recent interview with Esquire Middle East, the ECW originator explained his thought process behind wanting to push stars in the company. Paul Heyman also discussed how things didn’t always go to plan, and why he pushed superstars such as Andrade and Aleister Black. Andrade and Aleister, of course, being two of Paul’s most pushed superstars on WWE Raw before being buried after he was fired.

Paul Heyman commented on the current “business model” of WWE. He chalked it up to a reason why some stars have not been given the opportunity to shine as brightly as they could have:

Paul had the following to say: “WWE is like any other business. It constantly redefines itself and constantly assesses its placement in the marketplace, and it’s constantly disrupting its own business model. The cream will rise to the top, as the saying goes. There are great talents. And the people that I chose are not people that—the people that I chose to promote, are not charity cases, they are extraordinarily talented men and women. And they will find the trajectory to the top.”

Heyman continued: “They will, because they’re top stars that are waiting to happen. Whether that path is as smooth as I tried to make it—and admittedly, I tried to put everybody on a fast track—or not, is a matter of conjecture. But these are extraordinarily talented people. And they will find their way to the top of the industry.”

Andrade was on a fast track to success until Vince McMahon decided to write him off of TV due to issues with Andrade not being able to speak English in an understandable manner for the audience to properly comprehend.

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