Paul Heyman ‘Very Sad’ Text To Raw Star Leaks

Paul Heyman seems to admire the former WWE Raw and Smackdown star Aleister Black who was recently released by WWE. While, Heyman served as Executive Producer of the company, Black was involved heavily in the WWE programming. Triple H Rehires Former World Champion



Aleister Black reveals Heyman reached out to him

Black was released by WWE few weeks ago and while speaking with Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions podcast, he revealed Heyman spoke to him following the release and consoled him and said that the better things are yet to come for him.

Black said:

“He reached out to me on the day that it happened and was very sad.Paul has always said to me, ‘Tom, I think you’re five years ahead of the business. As brilliant as I think you are, that’s sometimes your biggest issue. You’re so far ahead mentally that people have to catch up.’ He still believes I’m going to do great things. I’m absolutely far from done. In these past three days, there have been so many knocks on the door and so many people reaching out and so many cool opportunities. I’m genuinely super excited and for the first time in a long time, I don’t feel anxiety about my profession, I feel genuine excitement.”

We will have to see what opportunities Black was speaking about. A possible signing with AEW? That be could another huge signing for the promotion if that happens.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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