Paul London Says Matt Hardy Is Beneath Him, Recalls Challenging Him To A Fight

Former WWE Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champion Paul London pulled no punches in a lengthy interview published in the latest issue of Power Slam as he candidly discussed his five-year run with World Wrestling Entertainment, the wide array of characters he came into contact there, and much more.



During the interview, London discussed his real-life friction with former WWE colleague Matt Hardy and indicated that it is due to jealousy on Hardy’s part. He also explained why he pulled the YouTube video spoofing Hardy’s internet campaign to obtain a contract release from WWE.

I must ask you about Matt Hardy, whose name I mentioned earlier. You and Hardy have taken pot shots at each other for years. You clearly despise each other. Why?

[It’s all down to] jealousy. He realized that he didn’t have the goods, that women just didn’t like him, and that I was a sincere person who had charm, who attracted females, and he became jealous.

He’s just not a very good human being. He’s a phony. Anybody who adorns their home with nothing but pictures of themselves — that pretty much explains it, right there. He just couldn’t be a man about anything. He doesn’t know what it is to be a man. If he’s not at the forefront of something, he’s going to try to make himself the forefront.

Regarding Hardy: in September you posted a video of yourself online in which you spoofed Hardy’s internet video campaign to obtain a contract release from WWE. In your video, you poked fun at Hardy’s weight and made other serious accusations about him. Within days, you had removed the video. Was that because you regretted some of the things you’d said about him?

Erm, it wasn’t that I regretted it. Believe me, there were times that I wished I could have done a lot more. There were several occasions when I challenged him to a fight, and he backed out because he’s a coward. I was like, “I’m sick of this back and forth crap; let’s go outside right now.”

And he was, like: “Whoah! Whoah! I don’t have a problem with you!” I’ve never seen anyone with so many tails between their legs.

So the regret that I have in making that stupid video was… I was in a pretty dark place emotionally at the time. I wasn’t satisfied with myself. I’m an emotional guy. I take dips. I go up and down. That was never meant to really go out. The whole video was created merely out of boredom. I watched it back and I thought, ‘This is garbage. This isn’t how I want to represent myself at all. Why am I wasting my time on this?’ It was a bit of a wake-up call, actually. I regret doing it because of the way I portrayed myself, especially on a guy who is beneath me. I humiliated myself.

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