Paul Walker Daughter Dressing Room Photo Leaks

The late actor Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow Walker has been having a successful modeling career for the past few years, and she recently posted a new selfie that shows she knows how to grab some eyeballs. On Oct 14, Meadow uploaded a rare mirror selfie to her Instagram with the simple caption, “sleepy.”



In the photo, we see Meadow posing for her mirror selfie, wearing no makeup and no clothes. She’s showing off the top of her body, along with her sparkling engagement ring, for all her fans to see.

The model looks great in this bare-faced selfie, which is very much unlike her larger-than-life makeup looks while she’s on a shoot or walking down the runway.

Meadow Walker opens up on makeup

She actually revealed to Vogue in 2021 that she prefers no makeup, saying:

“I don’t wear makeup at all, except when I’m shooting something. I’m into clean beauty and organic products, but it’s mostly just skincare.” She added, “For me, personally, I feel more confident not wearing makeup.”

In the same interview, she talked about her confidence and her advice for people working on building their own sense of confidence.

“Do what makes you feel good about yourself and try to shut out the rest. I’m not the most confident person in the world, but I have to bring myself back to that. If you keep those feelings of insecurity and not feeling confident in your head for too long, it becomes so real,” she said.

“It’s good to talk to people, especially with someone you feel comfortable talking to who understands and knows you. They will be able to recognize the things that make you happy and what you like about yourself.”

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