Pearl Jam Expose ‘Racism’ Of Donald Trump

In a recent interview, Pearl Jam’s guitarist, Mike McCready, discussed the band’s perspective on social issues and their thoughts on the current state of the United States. McCready highlighted frontman Eddie Vedder’s awareness of social issues and his commitment to fighting for the underdog. He acknowledged the challenges facing the country, such as gun violence, racism, and political issues.



Oh yeah. I think Ed has always been very aware of everything that’s going on and always fighting for the underdog. Certainly America has got so many fucked-up issues. Guns. Racism. That idiot Trump. All that stuff has always been there, but you have to be aware of it and consciously fight it, because you want this to be a better world, if you’re a good human. And I see Ed as that, and hopefully we are. We try to be proactive and solution-oriented, and not sit back and do nothing.

When asked about the best and worst things that could happen in 2024, McCready expressed concern about the possibility of former President Donald Trump getting elected again, describing it as the worst outcome for him. He preferred to focus on positive actions, emphasizing the need for people to come together, show compassion, take care of the environment, reject racism, and avoid ignorance. McCready underscored the importance of making conscious choices to create a better world.

Pearl Jam is currently on a North American tour, and McCready hinted at the possibility of new music from the band in 2024. The interview sheds light on the band’s commitment to addressing social issues and using their platform to advocate for positive change.

Oh god. Well, if Trump got elected, that’d be the worst thing in the world to me. I’d rather think about the best things that can happen. We have to come together. We have to be compassionate. We have to take care of the environment. We have to not be racist. We have to not be idiots. There’s all these things we can do. But we have to choose to think that way.

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