Pence Explodes At Romney For Trump Accusation

It has come to light that Mike Pence took a parting shot at Mitt Romney (R-UT) after the outgoing senator slammed him for pandering to former President Donald Trump as the former vice president via Media Ite.



Pence, who is running as 2024 Republican presidential candidate, took a question about Romney during his interview on Sunday with CNN’s Jake Tapper. Romney made news last week by announcing that he won’t seek reelection, and it was shortly afterward that The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins released a preview from his upcoming book about the senator.

The excerpt included Romney’s disappointed observations about his fellow Congressional Republicans who would fall in line behind Trump even when they shared his disdain for the ex-president. It also included Romney accusing Pence of eschewing his religious convictions while in service to Trump.

“[Nobody] had been more loyal, more willing to smile when he saw absurdities, more willing to ascribe God’s will to things that were ungodly than Mike Pence,” the book said.

Pence shook his head as Tapper asked if he used his faith to justify “ungodly things.”

“I’m incredibly proud of the record of the Trump-Pence administration,” Pence said. “Mitt Romney has no idea what I was doing in the administration. I haven’t talked to Mitt Romney for years, and I think he can go off into retirement… I know the stance we took and I know the stance that we maintained, and I’ll always believe we were called to that fight, and I believe in this moment that my family’s called now to step forward here in Iowa.”

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