Pentagon Jr. addresses NXT rumors at PCW event

For a few months now, it’s been rumored that the WWE is interested in the Pentagon Jr. and Fenix. While Pentagon has addressed this in the past, claiming that he wasn’t going anywhere, a tweet from Major League Wrestling about the Lucha Bros has caught the attention of the wrestling world.



At a PCW Ultra event over the weekend, after defending the PCW Ultra Championship against Hammerstone, Pentagon spoke to the crowd, again addressing the rumors that he might be on his way to the WWE in 2019 after putting over his opponent.

Tonight, I won! Respect that I am the PCW Champion, and no one is going to take that from me! Thank you very much! And before I forget, I’m not going anywhere. Penta will be in PCW for many more years.

While Fenix hasn’t addressed it much, Pentagon has been adamant in his denial of the WWE/NXT rumors.

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