Pete Dunne Reacts To WWE NXT Steroid Rumor

Pete Dunne, the NXT UK star and former WWE NXT UK Champion recently took to social media via Twitter to respond to a member of the WWE Universe who speculated that ‘The Bruiserweight’ allegedly used steroids to achieve his level of physical success. This WWE top name was blamed for ‘losing’ Wednesday nights for NXT.



The fan known as @Joseph_Sterio on Twitter originally posted: “I will add to this that its possible he took steroids too but that is also not a negative thing. He may not have taken anything but so long as you are careful about it they are fine imo. But yeah everything here is pretty solid.”

This lead Dunne to respond, albeit in a very diplomatic matter and he replied to the original tweet by saying the allegations of him using any sort of performing enhancing substance is bunk: “I’m natural. I have a two year old daughter, I’m not about to risk giving myself potential health issues or damaging my career for the sake of vanity.” This WWE NXT star ripped a celebrity wrestler.

In other news regarding Pete Dunne, the ‘Bruiserweight’ recently sat down with Inside The Ropes to talk about a wide myriad of issues. Here, Dunne delivered some serious praise to now-former member of the recently disbanded NXT stable the Undisputed Era in Kyle O’Reilly. He gave the following quote.

Kyle’s brilliant. His approach to bringing in that MMA style and attaching it to pro wrestling is probably the best I’ve ever seen. Mixing those two, it’s something completely different. A lot of people do, myself included, will throw out armbars and triangles and moves they’ve seen on MMA shows, but Kyle’s so brilliant at blending the two of them together sort of seamlessly. He’s always exciting to work with, I love that style of wrestling. I always say it when I talk about [Undisputed] Era, but I’ll say it again, it’s a competition whenever you wrestle any of them and especially Kyle because of that style. When you’re in there, you’re really competing, and I think that’s what shows to the audience and that’s why it’s, for most people, it’s something that they gravitate to, myself included. Those are my favorite kind of matches to watch, where you can see it’s a competition. It’s real, that sort of thing, so yeah, he’s always great to work with. USA Network also reacted to WWE NXT’s new timeslot.

Credit to Fightful for the transcription.

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