Pete Dunne’s ready for the Universal Title

The Bruiserweight has spent the past year successfully defending his UK Championship. Pete Dunne was the clear star coming out of the United Kingdom Championship Tournament and was even featured on Monday Night Raw in 2017, beating then-Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore.



The UK Champion tweeted about a list from the WWE, showing the top four longest reigning champions in the WWE.

Outside of the Universal Championship, which is rarely seen, Pete Dunne is currently the longest reigning champion in the WWE, holding the UK Title for 368 days. It looks like Dunne wants to be number one on this list and just might have lightheartedly thrown the gauntlet down.

Okay. Clearly, Pete Dunne and Brock Lesnar aren’t going to feud. It doesn’t mean the WWE Universe can’t dream.

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