Petey Williams on why he came back to Impact Wrestling, how he stays in shape

Petey Williams recently spoke to when he opened up about his decision about returning to Impact Wrestling and what helped his choice along.



“Scott D’Amore just asked me to do that. Kind of! That’s the short story of it. The long story is Scott D’Amore called me because he said my name had been coming up a lot in creative meetings. I said, “I’m just not interested in wrestling again. I’m totally content with my life. I love my family, my wife, my kids, all that kind of stuff.” Scott D’Amore and i are very close. He’s the guy that trained me to be a wrestler and got me into TNA, Impact Wrestling now, and all that kind of stuff. As we were talking, he was like, “How are your kids doing? I thought maybe your kids might want to see what Daddy used to do.” Kind of tugging at my heart strings. (laughs) I actually brought up the question to my wife. I said, “Hey, listen to this ridiculous conversation I just had with Scott D’Amore.” I told her about it rolling my eyes as I go along. She just looked at me dead in the eyes and said, “Do it!” She was a big supporter of me coming back. If she hadn’t had supported it, I would have probably just been content with not wrestling again. But, here we are!”

He also revealed how he was able to stay in such great shape during his time away from pro wrestling.

“I was what I call “Petey Fat”. I was probably about 10 pounds heavier than when I was at my wrestling weight. I was still in shape but I wasn’t as cut. I was still eating semi-clean but I wasn’t worried about staying strict to my diet. If I wanted pizza and cupcakes, I had pizza and cupcakes! I was a retired wrestler! But then, when he (D’Amore) called me, back on the diet, back in the gym, tanning bed… I jumped right back into it.”

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