Peyton Royce on the name WWE initially kept for her, who she wants to wrestle

Peyton Royce held a Q&A section with the previous Sunday being the last one of the year 2019. The former Women’s Tag Team Champion answered a wide variety of questions ranging from her in-ring stories to her quests outside of it.



When asked about her in-ring name, Royce claimed that the WWE had initially decided to keep her name as Ruby Ryan. She went on to add that she disliked the name following which WWE came up with a modification.

“Well, I got a list of names & the only one I liked was ‘Ruby Ryan’. I didn’t like Ryan (although I do now) so I tried to come up with another last name which is were I liked Ruby Royce. But I really wanted ‘Peyton’ so I asked again for that & got them both!”

Over the course of the session, Royce added that marrying fellow wrestler Shawn Spears was her favourite part of 2019 and also revealed her desire to wrestle Tenille Dashwood.


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