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John Cena and The Wyatt Family Going Over Their Match Prior to Extreme Rules

– Here is the photo which has been circulating online of John Cena and the Wyatt’s discussing their match before the Extreme Rules pay-per-view this past Sunday.

  • Will Henderson

    it’s not Cena and the Wyatt’s fault someone took a picture with them going over what they were gonna do in the Steel Cage match. it was that midget wrestler who wanted a pic of himself at the event that had someone else take the pic for him,

  • The_Shockerwave

    Like Taker always goes over his MAtches w/ his Opponents and this makes it lolz

  • Dan

    “Right guys, you hit me with anything you want and I kick out. Then when I go to escape you act menacing and I’ll act scared. Match Planned”

  • Seth Becker

    Ugh, so what. I mean about the guy getting heat for posting it, not about the photo. Anyone who uses Facebook, knows wrestling is scripted. What’s the big deal about seeing actors discussing a scene before shooting it. Would anyone care if a photo of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are best friends. Does that mean I don’t believe that Magneto and Professor X don’t get along?