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Pic: TNA Unveils New Title with MMA Style Rules

During last night’s taping of Impact Wrestling, new Impact Ventures President Billy Corgan unveiled the new TNA Grand Championship, and announced that a three round tournament would be held to crown the first champion. It was noted that judges would score the contest if the bout goes the distance.

In the wake of the new title the TNA King of the Mountain Championship was retired after Bobby Lashley won it on last week’s episode of Impact.

You can check out a pic of the new title here:

  • Jack Wayne Anderson Jr.

    brock lesnar go get this belt

  • nick-hulk

    But why retire KotM? It had only been back 1 year, they may as well have let it go to GFW

  • D2K

    I’m pretty sure they will be worked shoots. Corgan was known for protecting the well-being of this wrestlers in Resistance Pro so I don’t think he would subject them to serious danger.

  • D2K

    Being different for difference sake can do irreparable damage to a brand sometimes. It’s usually good to take ideas that had potential but never fully realized, and try to improve upon it.

    For instance, motion-control had already existed in video games for decades. However with the Wii, Nintendo was able to make motion-controls fun, intuitive, and marketable.

    So them taking MMA-style matches to another level would give them something unique. The fact that there is a “specific” division dedicated to it is a good idea also. Think Brawl-For-All, but done correctly.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I agree, but I think TNA needs to come up with something that differentiates it’s self from both, the UFC and WWE. Seems like all they do is recycle ideas.

  • made you famous

    This will fail quicker than Paris Hiltons singing career.

  • Chad Boswell

    So are they shoot fights or worked shoots?

  • Kristoffer Binder


  • D2K

    I was always fond of the Lion’s Den matches in WWE and I wish that they will bring them back. I think MMA-style matches are a cool idea and would give TNA something unique to differentiate itself from WWE.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    That’s seems very lame…