Pierce Brosnan Is In Legal Trouble After He…

Pierce Brosnan, the renowned actor known for his portrayal of James Bond, is reportedly facing a court summons to appear at the Yellowstone Justice Center following allegations of trespassing in an off-limits area of the national park. According to court documents obtained by CNN, Brosnan is scheduled to appear in the Wyoming district court on January 23, accused of entering thermal areas of Yellowstone.



The charges against Brosnan include the petty offense of “foot travel in all thermal areas and w/in Yellowstone Canyon confined to trails … and Violating closures and use limits,” as reported by CNN. The actor has not yet commented on the court summons, and there has been no response from his representative when contacted by Deadline.

The alleged incident occurred while Brosnan was filming his latest feature, “Unholy Trinity,” at the Yellowstone Film Ranch. This Western film, set in the tumultuous backdrop of 1870s Montana, has gained a SAG-AFTRA Interim Agreement and features Samuel L. Jackson as one of the co-stars.

Yellowstone National Park’s guidelines emphasize the importance of using designated trails and boardwalks to protect both visitors and the delicate thermal formations in the park. The park’s website explicitly advises visitors to “always walk on boardwalks and designated trails” and to keep children close, avoiding running on boardwalks. The legal action against Brosnan underscores the significance of adhering to these guidelines and respecting park regulations.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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