Plans for Taz and Samoa Joe, Styles-Morgan Series Gets Rave Reviews, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– The best-of-three series between AJ Styles and Matt Morgan that will finish on iMPACT over the next two weeks was said to be surprisingly good. The third and final match is said to be the longest but the best.

– Sources indicate that Bobby Lashley won’t be doing any hard matches with TNA until October. Lashley is trying to avoid injury as he’s got an upcoming MMA fight with the company that did the Ultimate Chaos event and he’s running a show in Denver. They were talking about doing Lashley vs. Tank Abbott but Abbott is fighting that same night in Birmingham so he’s out. Another name being talked about is Gary Goodridge. Lashley will start wrestling with TNA regularly after his next MMA fights.

– The current plan is to have Taz and Samoa Joe eventually turn back babyface with the idea that the whole thing was a scheme and they had actually outsmarted the Main Event Mafia.

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