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Podcast: AEW Bash At The Beach Is Trash

Kris Statlander

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    I already agreed that the Nightmare match sucked. You seem focused on the finishes to the matches, I just like to enjoy the action and exciting spots. We watch for different reasons, thats all

  • Whistling Joe

    This was ANYTHING but a ppv. A four way contenders tag match is not a ppv match. Moxley vs Sammy when the outcome is never in doubt is not a ppv match. PAC vs Allen, while a good match, the outcome was never in doubt, is not a ppv match. Nightmare Collective vs Shida and Statlander is not a ppv match. ANY match with QT Marshall is not a ppv match. You can love the show, but there was nothing worth paying for on this show.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    I couldn’t care less about the Bucks, just watch for Omega. And I thought the opening match was awesome, they didnt even cut to a commercial! I only watch the matches, dont give 2 sh!ts about promos or squash matches. I’ll watch a movie if I need to see a plot & quality acting.

    Moxley should have beat Sammy quicker? You’re putting way too much thought into it. You’re complaing about a free 2hr ppv, sheesh

  • Whistling Joe

    Hey, if you want to let the Young Bucks use your tongue for toilet paper, I guess that’s your business. Moxley shouldn’t have needed to much time to beat Sammy and the opening tag match might as well have been called “we all got to get our sh*t in”. That match went way too long. I don’t want to sit through twenty minute matches unless it’s the main event of a ppv. They have so many people on that roster that they don’t use, it’s pathetic. Their booking is as lazy as WWE. Instead of creating storylines to fill time, which is the correct thing to do, they just stretch matches. There should have been two more matches on this show. For something called Bash at the Beach, this was a giant letdown.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    The matches were subpar? LOL Brandi’s match sucked, but the others were great!

  • Darrin Tyler

    It didn’t even seem like a event at all. Idk why the hell they called it after a ppv. No water around the ring or anything. Just the entrance. The matches were sub par

  • Mike the Ike

    The show did seem like kind of a slog. Ortiz either needs to either cut his hair or keep it in braids because he looks dumb as hell otherwise. AEW really needs to sign some actual names. Signing people that no one has ever heard of from overseas and a bunch of indy guys does not give you the right to call yourselves “all elite”. You know who had the right to call themselves all elite? ’98 WCW. And it’s He-car-roo She-da. Excalibur needs to drop his mask, he looks like a mark in a create a wrestler mask.