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Podcast: AEW Dynamite Can’t Get The Basics Right

Luchasaurus Jungle Boy Lucha Bors

  • Zach

    No. No one watched 205 live. If he was that good he would have been on NXT or a real roster.

    You did several podcasts ignoring the countless botched I’ve mentioned. The draft was a disaster. Please read ESPN’s article on the draft (in the WWE section).

    Please listen to the cheap heat podcast, not from this week but the week before. These were guys very skeptical of AEW even against it. But with how bad WWE has been waffling stuff it’s got people wanting to switch.

    I’ve finally been noticing the scripting. Like everything seems so scripted and basic on WWE. Promos feel more authentic on AEW, commentary, even with slip ups, addresses injuries, strategy, etc.

    You might not like the time limit, and might want more stories. I think those are coming . We are just getting to know characters and who they are.

  • Bilal

    I hope your right and at the end of the day the better both companies do the better it is for the fans!

  • Soulshroude

    And an actual genuine sense of humor. Commendable. Apparently I might eat my words.

  • Johnny wrestling

    Again, you gotta let things play out. We’re only on week 3. Character development takes time. I mean, why should I care about Seth Rollins? Because he was in the Shield? Because he’s engaged to Becky Lynch? Because he says burn it down? He’s been around for a quite some time now and I still don’t understand his character. The new Bray character on the other hand has only been around for a few months, yet his character is pretty interesting. And why is that? Because they put in time developing the character. Give the Cody character some time to develop.

  • Bilal

    Nah I have fans, not many but they are out there lol.

  • Bilal

    Fine maybe not video packages but tell me why I should care about a wrestler rather than saying “he grew up with the Young Bucks, had a family and left wrestling for a while” why would I care about that wrestler who I already forgot if that’s his back story?

  • Bilal

    I hated almost the entire WWE draft is that better? I disliked HIAC like most fans. I think WWE is barely doing better than AEW, is that better? WWE isn’t even airing NXT in Canada UNTIL FRIDAY so I don’t even cover it.

  • Johnny wrestling

    “they don’t do enough of them”? It’s only only their 3rd show. And it’s only a 2 hour show. This argument would make sense if you’re referring to a company that’s been around forever (like the WWE), but you’re expecting too much too fast from a brand new show that has not even been on for a month.

  • Bill-E

    Calling one wrestler in WWE a bust isn’t quite the same as completely tearing apart another wrestling organization who has only been on TV for three weeks.

  • Bilal

    Humberto is awesome have you seen 205 Live? Ok not as good as The Miz or Joe but great.

    The video packages AEW does are great but they don’t do enough of them and fail to build a narrative around the better half of their roster.

  • Bilal

    It wasn’t PR when I interviewed Bret Hart, Tully Blanchard and Tommy Dreamer on the same podcast?

  • Bilal

    Fair point, though I’d love to see AEW get a 2nd show and see how their draft goes.

  • Bilal

    Really… the podcast before this was about Lacey Evans being a bust for WWE.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    My advice to AEW fans don’t comment next week on this you only giving it life.

  • Zach

    Yeah this is as biased as it gets.

    WWE said tag teams get drafted together, then Alexa and Nikki get drafted separate. Then traded for… Considerations?

    Then they draft Humberto? I don’t even know who this guy is. I haven’t been watching 205 Live but you think that’s good? He literally got drafted over the Miz and Samoa Joe.

    Their War Rooms literally had a Microsoft Demo video in the background with a peacock playing (that guy wasn’t even using his laptop). And that was on BOTH nights, again, meaning that the realism the war rooms were trying to get was not working. They didn’t even change their clothes! Lazy.

    The draft picks meant no logical sense.

    Meanwhile, even if AEW doesn’t have a lot of stories right now, the wrestling is much better. The video packages are much better. And each week we are learning more and more about the characters. I haven’t been able to stop watching AEW. I wouldn’t be surprised if I stop watching WWE entirely soon.

    On top of all this, they screw up hell in a cell, then burn down the fun house….

  • oppa

    After ending HIAC with a DQ finish and saying tag teams can be drafted together, then drafting them as separate pics, looks like WWE can’t get the basics right with their own rules.

  • VOR

    This is just pathetic…the tool must be itching to get hired by WWE’s PR department

  • ShowMeTheMoney

    Shut the Fk up and stick this bs podcast up your ass no one gives a crap about your opinion lapdog riding Wwe hard in bed.

  • Soulshroude

    A podcast from this site leading to more rumor mill… Yup, this site hasn’t changed. No one cares about your opinion.

  • Whistling Joe

    Hey moist boy, how does vince’s anuus taste? No one who matters gives the first damn about your worthless opinion. Clearly you didn’t get beat up enough as a kid, you fuucking mark.

  • disqus_1jbBoBooQr

    If y’all are gonna be this biased when it comes to competition and nitpick everything, then I think I’m done coming here.