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Podcast: AEW Dynamite Is Lost At Sea

A look back at AEW Dynamite.

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  • Bilal

    I’ve done podcasts on all the shows but you guys reply to the titles of these without making mention to the actual context of the podcast itself. So this is what you want to talk about. Want more interviews with Wrestlers just go comment on the one I did with Santino, or Becky or Alex or Bret Hart and I could easily do more. Like my WWE PPV podcasts which I do for a bunch comment on those. I follow the numbers nothing more, nothing less. You get what you ask for. I’m doing a Royal Rumble one tonight but watch all of you not comment on it, cause you don’t get caught by the title.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    Agreed. There are people who are very loyal to WWE and feel that they put on the best show every week. So they only review WWE or NXT. It would probably be best if this podcast stopped mentioning AEW all together at this point.

  • CC

    Not even sure it is NXT propaganda, he just seems to out and out hate AEW. Why else would he only do podcasts bashing them and not do podcasts about anything else? If anything, I reckon he is just a huge WWE mark rather than specifically an NXT mark.
    I am not saying AEW is perfect, because god knows it has it’s faults, but they guy needs to try discussing something else as as you say, he starts to look like he has a huge bias.

  • Dirt McGirt

    First off, I disagree with a lot of what dude says most of the time, but it’s his job to give his view on AEW. This show had a lot of problems, not the least of which were segments of the show where the censors kept trying to bleep the crowd so I was missing what the commentators were saying. It was very distracting. And the fact that Marco Stunt got his name chanted is the epitome of what is wrong with AEW’s core audience.

  • Will Henderson

    Bias much. you guys keep posting podcast every Wednesday that feels to be NXT propaganda, just enjoy both shows and don’t make this be a podcast about “why AEW sucked this week”. and also, if you hate the product, don’t watch, plain and simple.