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Podcast: AEW Dynamite Makes A Foolish Stand

Tony Khan

  • Bilal

    *Bilal actually, it is only 10-20 mintues a week and this show WAS better than Raw… never said it wasn’t.

  • Bilal

    Clearly you are Ironman… and I am not.

  • Whistling Joe

    Eff coronavirus, you chickensh*t coward. I have been through ebola, SARS, bird flu, and swine flu. I will not change the way I live my life and neither should anyone else.

  • Bilal

    By openingly holding a gather of 10 or more people with limited to no regard for COVID19 and even still what we got was messy, poorly produced, an oddly booked waste of time. It was so bad casual fans of wrestling have pointed out mistakes with the show I MISSED.

  • Anonymous

    This dude needs to find something else to do with his life. AEW put up a decent show, way better than a replay of the Royal Rumble, IMO. Get a life Bidal, and quit making wrestling podcasts, you suck at this, doofus.

  • CC

    Bilal, just fck off. Every week it is the same damn bs whining about AEW.
    I am not particularly a massive fan of theirs right now purely because the hype of being “different” was a lie, but at the same time I understand the difference between a company that is long established and a company that is still learning, and am still giving them a chance. Much like WWE some stuff is good, some stuff not good.

    You though just seem to be a typical WWE mark who just hates AEW for daring to exist and oppose your mighty lord and master.

    Nobody wants to hear your bitter little podcast, whining week in and week out about how much AEW sucks.

  • Will Henderson

    yes, this podcast is 100% bias against AEW cause this person is a WWE Mark.

  • Whistling Joe

    Foolish stand? By what? Doing their job and actually putting on a show, unlike WWE? You’re clearly a coward, and that’s coming from someone who rarely defends AEW.