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Podcast: Should Seth Rollins Be Demoted To NXT?

The Fiend Mick Foley Seth Rollins

Bilal reviews the first Raw after Crown Jewel.

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  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Pretty sure going from a show being seen by over a million people, to NXT which gets less than half that IS a demotion.

    Plus, Balor might be getting the same downside gauranteed pay, but he’s gotta be taking some loses when you figure in house show & ppv bonuses plus merch sales.

  • Bilal V

    Sure lets just forget Bray Wyatt crushed him before that on the main roster.

  • Bilal V

    I “know” AEW is bad 😉

  • Bilal V

    Less pay, going against AEW, not being featured on most pay per views.

  • Bilal V

    I could see that.

  • CC

    Pay no attention to Bilal, he also thinks AEW is bad.

  • CC

    And once again Bilal, you show you ignorance by calling a move to NXT a demotion.
    Would you say Balor going to NXT as the biggest fish and getting paid the same money as he was on RAW, a demotion, because it sure does not sound like one to me.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    How is that a demotion?!

  • DBK

    he’ll lead team raw against NXT and turn on his team at survivor series IMO