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Podcast: Smackdown Without Eric Bischoff Is Awesome

Eric Bischoff

Bilal reviews the first Friday Night Smackdown on Fox since Eric Bischoff was fired.

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  • Zach

    Okay, first off. I have to admit. You get some people very angry with you. Obviously you seem to be a nice person. And you are just making a firm stance for what you believe.

    But there is something to what people are saying:

    1: You ripped apart AEW for not developing their characters. In a way they are developing them slowly, and the show is new. Instead of giving them the benefit of the doubt, you ripped them to shreds. You spent 30 minutes ripping apart the commentary, their storytelling, and everything about the show. You admitted in a comment you don’t think WWE is much better. But you talk about WWE as if you are happy with the product as a whole, AEW you just ripped apart and moved on.

    2: Ric Flair is clearly the baby face. He came back from so much, yet he’s running the heel team. Hogan, who people are still mad at for saying some racist things, is running the face team.

    3: Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez: No one cares. No one really cares about Cain. He looks out of shape, he can’t talk on the mic. And we are all tired of Brock carrying the championship. I haven’t heard you say anything about this.

    4: The WWE Draft was one of the worst things in the history of the WWE. We already talked about all the inconsistencies. All you did was say “Lacey Evans is a bust”. You completely ignored all the countless reaches, the terrible commentary on the draft which was essentially “every pick is a great pick”. You ignored the inconsistencies with the war rooms.

    5: There is no Roman Reigns Corbin Story. Roman Reigns has no story with Baron Corbin. It doesn’t tie in at all. Hogan has no reason to be beefing with Ric Flair. Then you have Seth Rollins burning down the fun house, then it comes back again? Then the terrible ending at hell in the cell. Not to mention that Bray is a Smackdown superstar still feuding for the raw championship, even though the draft moved him to Smackdown.

    I watch for the stories. What stories did I have to watch? I skipped nearly all of Smackdown. The wrestling is far worse than AEW, and as much as I love the Street Profits, they were literally main eventing Raw. There was nothing good going on. People were fighting for no reason. Apparently AJ and the OC were fighting the Street Profits why? For what reason?

    6: Finally, are you kidding me? You are literally defending Shorty G?

    Did you hear his promo about how he believes in himself, that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, he is going to embrace who he is? He was trying so hard to be inspirational it was nauseating.

    Then his wrestling gear was horrific, and shorty g is the stupidest name ever.

    Again, back to storytelling, this is WWE’s reason for feuds: Baron Corbin calls Chad Gable short. So they fight.

    Randy Orton calls Kofi Kingston stupid. So they fight.

    Seriously. AEW isn’t telling as many stories, they are slowly developing characters, and you are destroying them.

    WWE is telling TERRIBLE nauseating stories. Or no stories at all. Rusev and Lashley, along with Daniel Bryan and Shinske, those are the only stories I’ve seen.

    Bayley is fighting Nikki Cross why? Because she was slightly nice to Bailey once? No good videos explaining, nothing,

    And you just brush it off. But then you trash AEW?

    As we get to know AEW’s characters, even if it is slow, we are learning about them and it’s amazing. Commentary is getting better, even if it’s a step below Corey Graves (always amazing). And the wrestling is 10x better.

    I get these are summary shows. And you are just summarizing. But people will compare these to your AEW bashing of a lifetime. I honestly started listening a few weeks ago, and pretty much stopped after that. I listen to other podcasts that keep it real and are honest when WWE messes up. You mention a minor mess up and look over the other glaring flaws in my opinion.

    I do wish you the best though. I hope the product improves! Your good at what you do!

  • Bilal

    I just get fired up about WWE for abour 30 mins a week… the rest of the time I am very laid back but I appericate your concern!

  • MT McGee

    You are a very negative and bitter person. Your hatred will eat away at you like a cancer. Clearly, it already has started to do so.

  • Bilal

    Please I just ripped apart the WWE draft last week.

  • Vinny Mac

    That’s right, open your mouth, I’ve got a nice steaming load for you. It’s such good sh*t!

  • A fan

    Wow you’re so lenient when it comes to this trash WWE puts out yet you dedicate podcasts to strictly bashing AEW. How much WWE paying you?