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Podcast: Tommy Dreamer Interview – Being Stapled In The Crotch At AEW

Tommy Dreamer joined Bilal Vakani at Chinlock Wrestling in Kingston. To talk his charity wrestling show out drawing WWE’s last Kingston show. On being stapled in the crotch at AEW Double or Nothing’s Battle Royale. Also how wrestling has never been bigger and why he can work with everyone.

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  • Bilal

    I completely agree with you Rinn! Though I wouldn’t mind some keno sticks Sunday you know what I mean?

  • Bilal

    The force is strong with you jedi! Tommy admits as much in this interview you may actually want to listen to it!

  • jedi

    Sorry but I do not believe for a second he took a staple to the groin. Gimmick street 101

  • Rinn13

    I have never liked so-called “hardcore wrestling”. People hitting each other with things, and being slammed on thumbtacks, and set on fire, and hit with barbed wire, and having their crotch stapled, is not wrestling. It has nothing to do with wrestling. And people mutilating each other for fans’ “entertainment”, is in all honesty pretty sickening.

    Of the many things ECW popularized and contributed to the business, along with a stronger focus on “T n A” and being PG-13 “edgy”, was that kind of career-shortening BS. For instance, I love Mick Foley, but that dude is one of the dumbest smart people alive. He’s a good wrestler and a great character. There was no good reason for him to do those idiotic “death matches” in Japan, or voluntarily get brutalized like he did in those Hell in a Cell matches, etc. I’ll admit, dumbass teen me thought that Cell match with Taker was “awesome”. Adult me realized “Jesus dude, he actually could have been paralyzed or worse.” Really, really stupid, and again, nothing to do with actual wrestling.