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Podcast: WrestleMania Night 1 Feels Like a B Show

  • Mike the Ike

    I don’t give the first damn whether anyone comments on my posts nor do I care about your wrong opinion. Vince won’t change and won’t walk away. Therefore the only logically thing is to hope he dies soon so the product can improve.

  • Steven Davis

    Your need for attention is off the charts.

  • Mike the Ike

    Vince can’t pass away soon enough. I didn’t expect Goldberg to win against Reigns, and I understand why he lost it to Braun if Braun is going to turn around and lose it to the Fiend, but this just felt like the old man sh*tting on WCW once again. Hey Vince, WCW was, is, and will forever be the better company. WWE stole so much from WCW and Vince knows it.

    Undisputed Era has to be coming to Smackdown to come for the tag belts. After the Chamber and tonight, neither the Usos nor the New Day should even be sniffing a tag shot for 6 months, and even then, they are played out acts that need to be done.