Police Search Floyd Mayweather’s Home, Vince Talks WWE’s Own TV Channel, More

– Devin sent the following: Tickets for the 2009 WWE Armageddon PPV will go on sale 8/29 at 10 AM. The PPV will be held at the AT&T in San Antonio, Texas with tickets priced $300 (take-home chair), $90, $70, $50, $35 and $20.



– Police in Las Vegas searched the home of boxer and host of tonight’s WWE RAW, Floyd Mayweather Jr. today after his car was found in the vicinity of a shooting incident at the Crystal Palace Skating Center last night in Vegas.

Police got a search warrant for Mayweather’s home and searched it today. TMZ spoke with Mayweather’s father and he said police “ransacked” the home but did not find anything. Police reportedly want to talk to Mayweather about the shooting. Mayweather’s father said his car was spotted at the Skating Center because his son takes children to the rink to skate on Sundays.

– The LA Times’ Joe Flint posted a blog in response to the article we noted earlier about WWE looking to start their own cable network. When Vince McMahon was asked what a WWE cable network would mean for RAW on the USA Network, he said, “”It won’t be a threat, it’ll be an integration, it’s good for `RAW’ to be on USA.”

Vince also noted that having their own cable network would give WWE leverage in TV negotiations.

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