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Possibility of Kairi Sane leaving WWE

Quite a few WWE superstars are unhappy with the company, with some even having asked for their release. Others simply wait till their contracts expire.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, it was noted that Kairi Sane’s contract will be expiring next year, assuming she has not signed an extension. Meltzer added that Asuka is currently happy with where she is in WWE. However, that might not be the case for Kairi Sane. Sane has expressed interest in exploring other options.

Sane is only 31 years old, so she has many years remaining in her career. The former NXT Women’s Champion continues to give solid performances in each match she is in. Perhaps we will see her make a bigger impact elsewhere next year.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I bet she still resign when push come to shove. Remember NXT Japan is coming soon. She probably be one of those who end up in NXT Japan.

  • MT McGee

    Asuka tapped out Becky when Becky was the champ. That never went anywhere.

  • D_Ohm

    Asuka beat Becky back at the royal rumble to retain the SD women’s championship. It’s not always about the title though. She’s likely making good money and being a tag team means less bumps.

  • MT McGee

    i refuse to believe Asuka is happy. She should still be undefeated because the person who should have beaten her should have been Ronda. Instead, they had Carmella pin her, Reid Flair tap her out, and Never-Drew-a-Dime Natayla tap her out. Oh, and she tapped out Becky when Becky was champ and then never received a title shot. If Kairi wants to be champ, yeah, she should leave. She will never win the Raw or Smackdown women’s title. She could walk into AEW and be champ today if she wanted to be. Their women’s roster is a joke.