Possible date for Daniel Bryan’s in-ring return

As we noted before recently there were rumors that WWE has cleared Daniel Bryan for in-ring return and he may be returning to action as soon as the Royal Rumble PPV next month.



While these rumors turn out to be false, it hasn’t stopped people from wondering if Bryan will ever step foot inside a WWE ring again for wrestling, especially considering the fact that WWE appears to be building a rivalry between him and Shane McMahon.

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer discussed Daniel’s condition and revealed that there is no blow off match planned between these two SmackDown officials since Bryan has not been cleared yet.

According to Dave, Mr. McMahon has made it clear to the SmackDown GM that the final decision regarding his in-ring return will come from the WWE Head Doctor Joseph Maroon.

Though this doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t be cleared and Meltzer reveals that there have been talks within the company about him wrestling at SummerSlam next year if the doctors do give him the green light.

While it’s not clear whether or not Daniel Bryan will be cleared by WWE but the talks of him wrestling at SummerSlam does reveal a possible date for his return if he gets completely healthy.

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