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Possible feud for EC3

EC3 made his main roster debut a couple of weeks ago on RAW, but he has not competed in a match yet. There are many superstars he could be feuding with first.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez said EC3’s first main roster feud might be with Bobby Lashley. However, Dave Meltzer thinks that the two will not have a good match. Here is what he said:

“You know their matches in Impact sucked, they’re not gonna be [better in WWE]. You think those guys have improved? Lashley is not as good as he was in Impact. EC3, we’ll see, but he didn’t show anything in NXT that was any better than what he did in Impact. It’s not, how much are those guys… you know… and Impact gave them a lot more leeway to work than WWE will.”

It might be best for both of them if they don’t actually feud. Perhaps WWE is aware of their past match and will most likely not get them involved. We will have to wait and see with whom EC3’s first feud will be with.

  • Kyle Abraham

    And you’re not wrong in that. His gimmick is a spoiled rich kid essentially, they just try to ignore that when he’s a face.

  • Mizzledizzle

    I was basing it on the fact that that stupid promo video they showed for weeks makes him look like a rich conceded asshole, plus the way the way Michael Cole described him on Raw

  • Kyle Abraham

    Considering EC3’s last NXT program was against the Undisputed Era, I’d say no. Not that it would really matter anyway, Bobby Roode left NXT one of the biggest heels they had ever seen, debuted on Smackdown as a face.

  • Mizzledizzle

    Aren’t they both heels anyway??

  • CC

    So once again, no facts to this “possible” feud, just one persons idea on what they might do.