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Possible indication of Ethan Carter III appearing at Royal Rumble

Ethan Carter III WWE

We noted before how former Impact World Champion Ethan Carter III finished up with Impact after their latest tapings and he was written off TV by the company through a Feast or Fired match.

After his release, it was reported that WWE has interest in him which started the rumors of him possibly appearing at the Royal Rumble PPV and now a new story has only fuelled these speculations further.

The former Impact Star was originally expected to wrestle for Renegade Wrestling Revolution’s Over The Top event on January 28th, the same day on which Royal Rumble will take place.

However, the company recently announced on Facebook that due to ‘Reasons out of their control’, EC3 has been pulled from their upcoming event:

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! Do to reasons out of RWR control EC3 will not be able to attend RWR "OVER THE TOP". EC3 has said he…

Posted by Renegade Wrestling Revolution on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

While this is not a clear indication that the former Champion will be appearing at the show, it hasn’t stopped people from speculating about his future.

  • MrDr3w

    The way this article is worded doesn’t imply that he’ll be in the match. I’m sure that’s what Anutosh “Clickbait” Bajpai wants us to think, but he could just be backstage, or in Stamford signing contracts. I doubt they’d put someone who was in the company for five seconds, and then disappeared to go work for the competition as a “surprise entrant” in the Rumble match. If you’re just a casual fan, you probably wouldn’t even know the guy.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    He’ll go over like Ty Dillinger…

  • jgdjgdklj

    Coming back as Derrick Bateman?

  • CC

    Most people will go “Who?”

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Looks like he in the Royal Rumble to me. But I doubt he gets a big pop like AJ Styles got 2 years back.