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Possible last day for Ronda Rousey before WWE hiatus

When Ronda Rousey signed with WWE, she made it clear that she would only be full-time for a year and then she might need a break. This is because she wants to start a family with her husband.

Rousey turned heel on this week’s RAW after she beat down on Becky Lynch and now it seems her hiatus from WWE will be happening soon enough.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Ronda Rousey’s last scheduled date for WWE is the RAW after WrestleMania.

“Right now her last day is the day after Mania. So that can change, but that’s her last day right now.”

She will most likely be dropping her RAW Women’s Title at Wrestlemania as well. We will have to wait and see how long her hiatus will be.

  • CC

    She had a movie role after Mania last year, and they just restricted her appearances at the time.

  • oppa

    I could have swore that when the story of her leaving first broke it was partially due to her having some roles that were due to shoot after Mania. Who knows. I think the other issue is they don’t want to have Sasha and Charlotte on the same show, especially if the plan is for Sasha to go heel at some point. Her and Bayley can be on Smackdown and do stuff with New Day, which would freshen up New Day as well, but I don’t see any reason at this point why they would or should have all 4 of the horsewomen on the same brand. At least for now, Bayley and Sasha will be traveling champions on all brands.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I think the only place Ronda Rousey is going is to Smackdown live. It be really a bad idea for her to take a break now. Because I believe her heel turn is awesome.

  • CC

    Only problem with this is only Bayzler and Rousey are anywhere near ready. What little I have seen from the other two is poor at best.
    Plus, do we suddenly get a Charlotte face turn for this? They finally have Charlotte in the right character, so having her switch back any time this year will be a total bust.

    As for Rousey and movies. Not heard anything on that, and even IMDB, which is usually the best source for upcoming movies, has nothing listed for her beyond the recent Mortal Kombat 11 voice work.
    All the news stories have just been hyping this whole “start a family” thing.

  • oppa

    I think she has some movie projects that are part of the reason why she’s taking a break. Depending on how they do things, you’d have the 4 horsewomen all on Raw, so if she delay’s having a baby they could do the horsewomen vs horsewomen later this year.

  • CC

    We will see how long her hiatus will be? Really?
    If she is wanting to start a family, then it is a pretty good guess by anyone that it will be a year or more at least. First she has to get pregnant, then the pregnancy lasts 9 months, then she will want to spend time with the newborn. Not really that hard to work out that it is going to be a bare minimum of a year, probably more.