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Possible reason behind Eric Bischoff’s firing from WWE

Eric Bischoff

Nobody expected Eric Bischoff to be fired from WWE so soon after his return and so the news of his release from the company was a shocker for many.

A new report from Sports Illustrated takes an inside look on the WWE release of the former WCW President and provides some backstage details on the matter.

According to the site, the decision to fire Bischoff was made this past Monday Night and the now-former Executive Director of SmackDown Live was informed about it on Tuesday.

As for the reason behind this move, it’s said that the massive drop in the SmackDown viewership after Fox debut was the reason for it and Eric’s firing was a way for Vince McMahon to send message to his stockholders that he is ‘entirely committed to the future success of SmackDown on Fox.’.

As we noted before, SmackDown debuted with an astonishing 3.869 million viewers on Fox but the ratings dropped big time only a week later and the draft special of the show brought in 25% less viewers than the premiere, counting at a total of 2.899 million viewers.

  • Derrick Karner

    Bischoff was there for 4 months and he was not allowed creative control or even production control by Vince. Eric should have never accepted the job to begin with if he couldn’t do anything.

  • Soulshroude

    Well this article seems like a smoke screen by throwing Eric under the bus. What’s the real reason for his “firing”? Or did he simply take on a different role that news outlets aren’t reporting because their not aware of it?

  • CC

    I don’t believe this story in the slightest. From all the stories we have seen before, Bischoff barely does anything, and Pritchard has already been in a more prominent role, doing more creative stuff than Bischoff for months now, so if it is to do with ratings, then Pritchard is just as guilty, if not more so.
    That is unless the reports we have been getting about who is doing what have all been a bunch of BS.

    The amount of conflict we see in these news stories is just getting worse and worse.
    Unless Bischoff stands up and tells why he was let go, it is all just hear say.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Hmm, seems only natural with any show to have a drop the second week. The other thing working against him is the whole draft gimmick which has lost it’s luster, no matter how they try to spin it. If their expectations for themselves are that high, then they have to pull out all the stops every week to keep everyone happy, including both Fox and the viewers. Smackdown is obviously now the focus instead of Raw.

  • MT McGee

    Then I expect Bruce Prichard to be fired next Tuesday if the ratings drop any further. Fair is fair.