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Possible reason for Asuka tapping out Becky Lynch at Royal Rumble

Becky Lynch competed in two matches at the Royal Rumble. She challenged Asuka for the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship, where she was unsuccessful in capturing the title, as she lost via submission by Asuka. However, Becky inserted herself in the women’s Royal Rumble match and was victorious.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that this fact could definitely be brought up again in future storylines. After all, Becky tapping out to Asuka was definitely unexpected.

“I’m gonna guess that Asuka tapped her because they want to set up Asuka vs Becky once Becky beats Ronda, but you still have to do some manipulation because Becky would be the Raw Women’s Champion and Asuka would be […] so they could move one of them over.”

So we will have to wait and see when the two will feud again. In the meantime, Becky Lynch has her sights set on Wrestlemania.

  • Matthew Carter

    I getwhere your coming from. But the reason Triple H is doing that is because you have these superstars in the indies who want to be a part of NXT, not WWE main roster (can you blame them given how poorly vince treats WWE talent, how awful creative is, and how horrible Raw, the so called “A” show is, which my 11 year daughter could write a better show script, book it better, and make the production look just as good as, if not better than NXT, while she’s sick at both ends), but don’t want to travel to America veru much, so Triple H is accomodating them. Also, by him doing this, it’s more exposure for NXT (and even the WWE market), he’s doing it a million times better than Vince is doing it, and he is benefitting from it by swaying the world wide view towards him being the one who should be running WWE. The man is a genius.

  • EVH

    I thought for sure they were gonna recreate the whole Austin passes out to the pain thing (minus the crimson mask) so seeing her tap did seem odd. But at the same time you want Asuka to remain credible. And despite Becky being over with the fans in her matchup vs Ronda (as evidence by their confrontation on Raw) they want to position Becky as the “weaker” of the two so having her tap to Asuka in that regard makes sense.

  • Sparti Love

    Guess people forget when Brett lost to Owen then went on to be champ later that night.

    They need Asuka to be strong.

  • We won’t see any of this until Vince dies, he is the reason the main shows are garbage.

  • it’s ridiculous, if I wanted speculation, I can do that myself lol

  • Rinn13

    All of this NXTs is a really stupid, horrible idea. Not only is it literally WWE trying to dominate and stamp out regional competition in these countries/areas, but it’s also just gross overkill. There only needs to be one NXT. And WWE does not need to dominate the global wrestling scene. In fact that is incredibly bad for pro wrestling in general.

  • Rinn13

    2018 = Asuka wins first ever Women’s RR, gets overshadowed by lame ass, undeserving MMA star. Goes on to WM to lose, fades out for months after.

    2019 = Asuka makes overrated “The Man” tap out at RR, could possibly be going into WM as champion, yet “The Man” is still the one with all the hype, and will 100% get the bigger match. Poor Asuka just can’t win, because WWE doesn’t believe in foreign stars who don’t speak great English.

    On a side note, the whole “X star takes out other star and inserts themselves into RR match”, is pretty lame, and basically defeats the purpose of every other entrant being in the match.

  • Matthew Carter

    I see that too, however, it will be a slow burn- right now, NXT is getting an NXT Asia and NXT Latin America division going, and possibly an NXT Russia division and NXT Middle East division, and also a major TV deal for NXT, so what they will have to do is at WM, load the Andre the Giant battle royal with NXT, then at MITB, for the MITB briefcase matches include 4 NXT Men in the Men’s briefcase match and 4 NXT Women’s match, at survivor series, instead of the matches being Raw vs SD, it has to be Raw vs SD vs NXT. And then repeat the same thing in 2020 and include NXT in Elimination Chamber 2020. Triple H said he is going to make NXT a main roster brand. And watch when Vince McMahon retirees or keels over and Triple H takes over, he (Triple H) will make Raw and SD exactly like NXT.

  • Soulshroude

    I guess this site is getting crappier by the week, with stupid-*ss articles.

  • CC

    So no actual reason, just Meltzer speculating, and once again it is being reported as news worthy.
    This is one of the reasons so many fans do not like Meltzer, and not all of it is his own fault.
    The dirt sheets are doing everything that they can to kiss Daves butt, and he starts to believe his own hype.

  • oppa

    Asuka is known for making women tap out, so it makes sense. Plus all of the Becky fans forgot about it when she came out for the rumble anyway. I doubt they do the rematch with Charlotte since they don’t want to risk any women’s match outshining Ronda vs Becky this year. But I guess it would be interesting if Asuka became the only woman to beat all horsewomen in WWE.

  • PrettyfnDangerous

    Not sure how I feel about it. Kind of think it was a bad idea to have Becky tap out to anybody atm. If anything she should have just passed out from the pain or something. Tapping makes her look weak going in imo. She is very over and being pushed as a badass legitimate threat to Ronda.

    Any lady bold enough to call herself “The man” and get in the face of John Cena shouldn’t be tapping out. I’m a touch less excited about Becky vs Ronda now tbh.

  • Rajah

    That’s the way it’s been around here for a while now.

    Dave or Brian have a thought and Harrison is all over it like it’s gospel.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I think we are going to see WWE start turning into NXT. I just see the vision right now HHH and NXT is taking over.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Man there was nothing wrong with Becky Lynch losing to Asuka and even tapping out. They finally letting Asuka be Asuka again an she is probably the best woman wrestler in the WWE. We are probably getting a rematch between Flair vs Asuka at WM 35.

  • So now people guessing is news? I’m guessing Becky vs Sasha will happen before the end of the year, do I get an article?

  • Matthew Carter

    Unification match since word on the street is WWE is thinking about ending the brand split, but does not want to merge the IC & US title, nor the WWE & Universal titles.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I think it’s a good thing.

    Having the match end with some controversial BS would’ve meant there was unfinished business between them. This way, they can shift Becky to Raw, and have Asuka be the dominant champion on Smackdown she’s meant to be, not someone who needs help to defeat Becky.