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Possible reason for Matt Riddle’s current state in NXT

Matt Riddle Goldberg

During the latest set of NXT television tapings, Matt Riddle made a few appearances. However, he was decimated by Killian Dain who returned to NXT. This is how Matt Riddle will be booked for the next couple of months it seems.

Dave Meltzer provided an explanation on Wrestling Observer Radio regarding Matt Riddle’s situation and why he won’t be receiving any Title match at NXT TakeOver: Toronto, which was the initial plan.

Meltzer said he was told that Riddle will be in this situation for a long time as WWE does not want to rush him into anything. However, eventually, it will lead to him facing off against Adam Cole. Riddle will not be competing at NXT TakeOver: Toronto despite winning in the last TakeOver event, which was supposed to set up a match for the NXT Title.

It will be interesting to see what ultimately becomes of Matt Riddle and if WWE decides to put him in the NXT Title picture.

  • gar216

    They changed their mind???

  • Will Henderson

    i wouldn’t be surprise if he has “da heatz” daddy. that’s right, Riddle may had pissed management off something fierce when he trashed Goldberg and the Taker/Goldberg match from Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia.

  • CC

    Once again, the info from Meltzer is conflicting. He says the plan was initially to have a title shot at the next Takeover, but also says they do not want to rush him. So why was he planned to have the match if they do not want to rush him?
    Also, how does having him decimated by Dane help him?