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Possible reason for Mike & Maria Kanellis having bad reputations backstage

On this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, Maria and Mike Kanellis were involved in an interesting angle. Maria surprised everyone when she announced that she was pregnant. However, her completely burying her husband in the next promo was actually shocking.

Mike Johnson said on PW Insider Elite audio that this meant Maria will still appear on WWE TV while she is pregnant. He also talked about the reputation that Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis have backstage.

Mike said that any of his engagements with them have always been positive and that they also had a reputation within Ring Of Honor and Impact for being a little hard to work with at times.

He added that Maria was the more vocal one and handled the lion’s share of the business there. Some talent in Impact Wrestling still comment on the two being difficult to work with. They also allegedly agreed to remain with the company but after getting their deals, they decided to go to WWE.

Dave Scherer then added that Mike taking Maria’s last name when coming to WWE summed up their relationship well.

  • Mick Thomas

    Yeah CC has all the knowledge about the backstage thanks to his master Dave Meltzer.

  • Mick Thomas

    You don’t know them, so you’re just speculating like the mark you are.

  • Mick Thomas

    Surprised you can even read it.

  • oppa

    WWE is giving out money to keep people from going elsewhere, so there’s no one to blame for that but WWE.

  • CC

    I am almost certain she was already pregnant when she signed to return a few years ago as the timing of her announcement was just too coincidental. Same thing with her re-signing as well.
    To be fair though, makes a change for someone to take WWE for a ride instead of the other way around.

  • CC

    apparently it is

  • The Leviathan

    These two using WWE like a welfare system.

  • ClauDee

    So at least the pregnancy is real?

  • Rajah

    What did you expect from Harrison?

    There was always a 50/50 chance it may or may not actually disclose some sort of information to whether this would actually be true or not. I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

  • CC

    Well that article told us absolutely nothing really.