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Possible reason for The Undertaker & Goldberg getting into shouting contest following WWE Super Showdown

  • Brad Grillakis

    I understand what your saying but he knows his body better than anyone. You said “Do you think that you can take as much pain as you did 20 years ago?” That depends on who you talking about and from what because everyone different. Some people are more physically fit than other and can still do the same things they’ve done 20+ years ago, have higher pain tolerance than others, etc etc.

    Since his time in WCW he has never got concussed doing headbutts on door before coming out. I watch both WCW and WWE back then flipping threw channels. I watched a lot of WCW especially Goldberg matches. If their was a problem, WWE should have told him that. They know how Goldberg is and how he gets ready.

  • wildeye

    It’s something he has always done but be realistic. I’m not judging but as a human being I know with age you can’t always do things the way you used to. Do you think that you can take as much pain as you did 20 years ago? Even if it isn’t age it’s easy to damage your head. I’m not a Goldberg fan but I didn’t judge him either. You said he had done it since the 90s well think of the damages done to the head during his career. Goldberg is not Superman.

  • Brad Grillakis

    Some guys have their own ways of getting themselves hyped and that headbutt to the door is one of them. If he feels it is necessary regardless of age, that’s on him. Who are we to judge. He is his own man. Like I said, he has been ding it since the 90’s WCW days.

    I know reports have said he “may” have had a little concussion coming out but if that was true, then the medical staff should not have let him gone on to wrestle.

  • JAckh45

    Goldberg let go of Taker before he even executed the move thus putting his own head in danger.
    Watch it back, Goldberg legit just lets go of Undertaker… His hands may or may not of slipped due to sweat but they 100% stop holding up his weight by holding takers waist.

  • wildeye

    But different when you are older and also depends on how he hit it

  • Dirt McGirt

    I am aware, but that would be like saying Edge and Triple H are WCW guys as well. They made zero impact in WCW.

  • Dimebag8857

    “Perhaps Goldberg might face off against The Undertaker if he gets the right amount of money.”
    LOL…. Beyond HIGHLY UNLIKELY. I think when they talk about never say never that this doesn’t apply. Pretty safe to say that was without a doubt the last time we will see those two wrestle.

  • jaymurf

    Maybe not the Undertaker nut Mark Calaway also started on WCW as mean Mark Callous in a tag team called the skyscrappers with Dan Spivey.

  • Brad Grillakis

    Goldberg has been doing that since the 90’s. That headbutt nothing new.

  • wildeye

    I still think it would have been a bit of a better match if Goldberg didn’t headbutt the door. I do agree that they both need to retire now. Thwy both are too old

  • CC

    Eh? Possible reason for them getting into a shouting match? What else would it be other than the match being poor and both blaming eachother for dodgy spots.

  • jedi

    Thank you!

  • Gitch

    But Taker also tombstoned Goldberg right on his head… Did they forget about that part? Either way they were both horrible during that match.

  • ROB-1.

    Vince would never blame Undertaker. The two of them should not wrestle anymore, time to retire.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Of course they blame Goldberg, he’s a WCW guy and not their precious
    Dead Man, who can’t even walk or bench 50lbs anymore. Fuuck Vince,
    stupid old [email protected]