Possible reason why Asuka hasn’t been getting a push lately

The Empress of Tomorrow Asuka has been having a rough year so far. The former NXT Women’s Champion lost her winning streak at WrestleMania 34 and since then it has been a downward spiral for her.



Mike Johnson of the PWInsider, revealed on the latest episode of his podcast that an obvious flaw in Asuka’s work might be the reason why she’s been so underutilized lately.

Johnson claimed that there’s a lot of things they might have in stores for her but all that is kept on hold because of Asuka’s inability of speaking the English language. He said that Vince McMahon wants his workers to be able to cut a good promo, a department that Asuka fails in terribly.

Only time will tell if Asuka will be able to reclaim her lost glory or if her promo skills will land her trouble. Either way, the Empress of Tomorrow is one of the finest workers in the world today with a ring work like no other.


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