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Possible reason why Braun Strowman won Universal Title

  • lobsterball

    I dunno… first chance Reigns gets, they may put the strap right on him…

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I think it long overdue and I don’t see him losing the Unverlasial Championship anytime soon.

  • Sparti Love

    Of course they wanted to save Goldberg for SS.. it’s like we’re not allowed to have two FT champions

  • CC

    I said this from the moment that announced Reigns was out and Strowman was in that the reason they did this rather than just cancel the match is that Goldberg probably did not want to extend his contract. As for using WrestleTalk as a source, they have no insider info so they are either quoting someone else like Meltzer and not giving credit or like myself, it is just speculation.
    Go read the guys article where he seems to constantly talk about himself in the third person perspective “Louis Dangoor can reveal”

  • lobsterball

    Keep him off the mic.. give him Heyman
    let Heyman be the manger for monsters… see how that goes… maybe that will help Braun somehow? Not sure if he can recover from the awkward burials he’s received from time to time… and the awkward dancing…