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Possible reason why R-Truth and Carmella were separated

  • CC

    It’s fun and was initially one of the most popular segments on any WWE show … not everything has to be deadly serious.

  • EVH

    Tell me you didnt just say that

  • The concept of a “24/7” belt that can be won/defended anywhere, any time, is just as dumb now as it was with the Hardcore title way back when, IMO.

  • Soulshroude

    Possible reason why Harrison should quit writing articles… they all suck.

  • CC

    Corey Graves was already on Smackdown before the draft. They did not move him there, they just removed him from RAW.

    As for R-Truth. While he has become the main focus of the 24/7 title picture, there is zero reason to keep him there as people are starting to get tired of the same thing over and over. What was funny for a few months has now worn out its welcome. Would not have hurt for him to be on SD as well and let some other talent do something with the title.

  • oppa

    They’ll say that since the title is defended 24/7 that he can appear on Smackdown to get it back if need be to around it.