Possible reason why WWE brought back Starrcade name

As we noted before WWE announced that they will be using the name of WCW’s WrestleMania equivalent Starrcade for a Live Event in Greensboro, N.C on November 25.



The company has announced that it will be a SmackDown Brand Live event featuring many big matches including two steel cage championship matches and more.

While this was an exciting news for fans, it also made them wonder why the company is bringing back the popular PPV name for a Live Event after so many years.

During the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez talked about the return of the PPV name and indicated that the company brought it back to help counter ticket sale from a legends event which will be held in the area during the same weekend.

Bryan also revealed that the show will not be aired on WWE Network as speculated by many and it would only be a standard Live Event.

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