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Possible reason why WWE is holding Starrcade event

WWE is bringing back Starrcade because they can. They own the name and can bring back the event whenever and wherever they want. But it seems odd how they’re bringing Starrcade back thirty miles away from WrestleCade on the same weekend. Jerry Lawler wondered the same thing on Dinner With The King and he’s not the only one.

Starrcade was Dusty Rhodes’ brainchild child which was why Brandi and Cody Rhodes seemed so upset about the idea of WWE holding the event.

For years fans looked forward to Starrcade as one of the most exciting events on the pro wrestling calendar. However, when WWE acquired the name it seemed to go away.

Some people in the wrestling business wondered why WWE chose the moment they did to bring back the Starrcade event.

Bryan Alvarez speculated on Wrestling Observer Live how it’s ironic they chose a date and time so close to WrestleCade.

Jerry Lawler also commented on WWE’s decision to bring back Starrcade in such an interesting time and place on Dinner With The King. “Well, of course. It’s a good promotional idea. Anytime you can increase ticket sales, you’re doing a good job.”

Starrcade will probably be a great show but you’ll have to be in the building to see it. After all, there are no current plans to air the event on the WWE Network.

But if it’s successful we might be treated to more throw-back events in the future. Because after all, WWE seems to really like capitalizing on nostalgia.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I think it’s an idea to try and boost house show numbers. Pretty good idea in my opinion.