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Possible spoiler for Braun Strowman’s WWE TLC match

Braun Strowman was written off WWE TV due to an elbow injury last month. He had successful surgery in order to remove some bone spurs in his elbow and has been going through rehabilitation to get ready for WWE TLC, with his target being Baron Corbin.

However, Braun Strowman’s status even now is still a big question. On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez discussed Braun’s WWE TLC status, saying he might actually appear for the event. However, he will not be doing much.

It is to be noted how the match between Braun and Corbin may end up as both have a lot at stake. Especially since Kurt Angle will be appearing on RAW the next day. So it is possible that the WWE Hall of Famer will return and take over as the RAW General Manager.

Alvarez said that while there is still some chance of Corbin winning, WWE still has six weeks to build up a storyline where Braun would eventually get a Universal Title shot. Even then, during the two-week Christmasy periods, they might have Kurt Angle become General Manager so that everyone can be happy. WWE would then build the heat back up in January.