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Possible timeline for Lars Sullivan WWE return

Lars Sullivan has been absent from WWE television since June of last year. He suffered a knee injury and has been on the shelf ever since then. While he is currently undergoing rehabilitation, it is taking longer than what one would expect from a knee injury.

According to a report by Fightful Select, WWE apparently always planned for Sullivan to be on the shelf for a year. However, some assume that he might be returning sooner.

WWE always had him marked down to miss a full year, but he was of the belief he’d be back sooner, having recovered from a knee injury prior.

Lars Sullivan made headlines a while ago owing to him performing in a pornographic video under the name Mitch Bennett. We wonder what WWE will have planned for him once he returns.

  • dave dark

    He wont be back. and you forgot the ”gay” part of the pornographic video

  • Sparti Love

    Gay Val Venus character will be his new gimmick

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Royal Rumble would make sense…

  • CC

    No rush.

  • David Powrie

    Make him gay with Bobby Lashley they can have a lesbian and homosexual All one one group. Hell throw rusev in their too 5 way love story….. Book it vince