Possile *Spoiler* Regarding Hulk Hogan’s TNA Debut

Though pay-per-view posters are far from surefire guarantees of pro wrestling plans, if the official poster for TNA Genesis is to be believed, Hulk Hogan will appear live for TNA this January.



The inDemand poster for TNA Genesis, which prominently features Kurt Angle and AJ Styles, also claims, “Hulk Hogan returns to Pay-Per-View.”

The full promo copy: “A night of firsts, a night of new beginnings and the night Hulk Hogan returns to Pay-Per- View. TNA Wrestling presents TNA Genesis Live on Pay-Per-View Sunday January 17. *Card subject to change.”

Visible here, the tentative inDemand poster thus appears to slate Hulk Hogan for an appearance at the January 17, 2010 event.

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